Our age … does not have a very sharp eye for the almost imperceptible intrusions of grace …

Flannery O’Connor

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A young Jewish wife suffers a punishing illness and her husband becomes a better Christian.  An infant deserted by his father lands in the arms of a mother who was for him a better father than any mother or father could be.


Yes, grace.  The grace of God.

There are no ways to explain how something can be more than we have any right to expect.  There is no psychology, no biology, no sociology or what-have-you to account for such things.

How does one explain the goodness of the one who rises from neglect or parental hostility?  The phoenix from the rubble, up from the ashes.

Only a carpenter’s son.

Rising above is not explained by qualities of the mind.  No, rising above rests with the Spirit and, in that, with God – the grace of God.

Despite the reductionist nature of intellectuals, there is grace – the unquantifiable “something” that rises above circumstances and shows itself in the unsuspected, at the right time.  A touch of God’s hand.  Grace.

See it or be among the blind.  It is faith that gives us sight.