Each man’s life represents a road toward himself.

Herman Hesse

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The journey requires we discard fear and desire.  In the journey fear and desire die.

If we must both discard fear and desire to make the journey and yet journey to rid ourselves of both fear and desire, how does one begin the journey?  How does one discard desire and fear when the journey itself allows us to discard desire and fear?

First, we identify in us what we desire and what we fear.  Knowing that, we take a first step and then another – each step an embrace of life and what it brings. Step after step.  Each step diminishes fear and desire until they are no more.

It is a long journey, as long as life.  Life is the journey.  The longer we carry desire and fear, the more we defer the death of fear and desire, the harder it is to live, the more absent joy and contentment, happiness and wisdom.

When fear and desire are reduced, doors appear that you did not once see and they are ajar.  In the end, there are no doors – just as there is no fear or desire.

The one who journeys sees All in all, all in All.

The one who journeys sees no particular separation, except for those who have divided themselves from the journey and from others.  The divided ones are like limbs fallen from the tree, sad homes to scavengers, organically returning to the earth.

Those who journey leave behind neurotic ideas, outlooks and attachments.  They have no addictions.  They need no control over others, nor uniform or title, nor memberships and entitlements.  Those who journey leave ego for self.  All journeys go first inside.

Those who journey know their life experiences, have grieved, do not fear to feel, their work has had purpose as they sought inherent meaning, not meaning exclusive to them but meaning of all created things including them.  Those who journey are increasingly at ease.

Those who journey face issues within, their doubts and the origin of those doubts. They come to know the meaning of things that repeat in their lives, and see and experience meaning in things that arise.  In this, their stride strengthens and that which has been deprived to them no longer is – to them, life is recovered step by step, and wholeness appears part by part.

Those who journey walk with the Spirit as their companion.

Journey, Friends.