There is nothing love cannot face; there is no limit to its faith, its hope and its endurance.

1 Cor 13:7

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On October 6th I posted “The Heart Senses God.”  It was, of course, a remembrance of my wife Sylvia in honor of her October 5th birthday.  Those of you who commented on it confirmed so much about love, the human person, the human heart, friendship, faith and about God.

As only God who is Love can do, my effort to love openly and share honestly multiplied many times over by your words, your love.  Remember the fishes and the loaves.  Yes, Who is Love overcomes all things, even death, through the mystery of love.

I invite you all to review the comments section of the blog to read what wonderful things you shared with me and how those words confirm us as God’s children, men and women of heart, of deep and good, indeed eternal, feelings. In love we know eternity.

So many of you mentioned that my words about Sylvia were “beautiful.”  And, yes, words about love are beautiful, just as love is beautiful – beautiful in a way nothing else can be.

Throughout human history we have seen beauty as among the most virtuous realities.  The giants of Christian history, like the Greeks and others, have seen love as a path to the Divine, linked to God, integral to God’s own being.  Yes, love is beautiful.  You are right and you confirm this undeniable point about love and about each of us: at our absolute best – we love.

Love is woven into our soul, at the center of our being.  Such is God, the One who Loves.  Yes, at our very center is Love.  Often it is dormant – but it is never absent.  I have seen love alive and in action even among men who murdered. You see, our identity is love.

All of us long to love and to be loved.  We wish to know and experience love in its giving and its receiving.  Love gives us life and the love we seek to know by definition confirms the God of Love we know, the God we carry within and long to engage in this life and hereafter.  Your words and actions tell me this.

Some said my words were poetic.  If so, it is because love is poetic and stirs the imagination and the Spirit, our very essence of being.  Some spoke of love as “heaven sent.”  Amen.  It is.  Others expressed the joy in seeing in my words that “it exists” – that love exists.  Yes, and for all eternity and in mortal life. Love proves God’s everlasting dominion.

In thinking about your comments and the extraordinary sharing that you did in emails I can say this: we do not possess love, we experience it … and experiencing it is far better.

When we think about possessing love we set ourselves up for feeling its “loss,” but love cannot be lost nor can it be destroyed.  With love, death has no sting, no power to divide us from love and those we love.  Love is eternal and we will know it into the unknown, those who go before us still love and still love us as we love them.

Those who love us, like those of us who love, teach and, in a way, live a martyr’s life for the willingness to love as God loves.  These lives are sacred in the love they share and the wounds they carry.  They fear not, for they love.  They live with the courage to love – and that is faith; they live with faith in each act of love.  In the company of those who love we see God.  It is that simple.

Finally, when we love someone it does not preclude loving others.  On the contrary, to love one is to enhance love and make loving others easier. A man or woman who loves once can love again no matter the loss that might come into his or her life.  Loving grows love.

There is no loss in love, only gain.

Finally, your words tell me that love reaches across all barriers and distances and shows that we are ever “intimate strangers,” friends.

The love we give away is the only love we keep.

Elbert Hubbard, 1856-1915