… he threw himself on the ground and prayed, “My Father, if it is possible, let the cup pass from me; yet not what I want but what you want.”

Mt 26:39

+ + +

These are the words in Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.  They teach us the essential lesson about transition, growth, faith, our Christian identity, strength, contentment, maturity, power, humility, certainty.  The lesson: trust He who made you – trust The Father.

There is no transformation of mere mortals without trusting the Father.  He calls as He calls, in His time, not ours.

He may call you as a child, or an adult.  He may call you out of comfort or out of your despair.  He may call you from what seems like a settled and certain life, or out of your ending years – a time in which you think your days are set, and numbered.  He may call you once, or more than once.

Remember Abraham, if you doubt this.

God wishes our continued growth, our movement toward depth and to Him.  He desires our happiness and our witness to others.

He sends us the Spirit to guide us to the next task, and then the next.  He wishes in the Spirit to fill us more and more with Himself so that we might bring Him to others.  Yes, the mortal and self-centered “we” must diminish so He will increase.  Yes, a million times “yes.”

Beware, Dear Friends, of idols which seize us for they do get in the way of God.

Institutions are a particular problem.  They can lull us into thinking that we are “just fine” attending to them and our role in them.  Strangely, family and work, and even the Church and religious community can become an idol if each becomes more to us than God.

Again, think Abraham.  Think Jesus in the Garden.  When “push comes to shove” it is God to whom we answer, God who leads us.  It is not rules or personalities … and it is not you “leading” you.

Be attentive to the Spirit.  Remember the apostles in the upper room.  In the Spirit God guides them from nothing to everything, from mortality to eternal identity.  Trust the Father.  All that you are is in Him.

Remember Mary at the wedding at Cana who says to the servants: “Do whatever He tells you.”