It’s really a wonder that I haven’t dropped all my ideals, because they seem so absurd and impossible to carry out.  Yet I keep them, because in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart.

Anne Frank, 15 July 1944

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These are the inspiring words of young Anne Frank from her diary, the diary she maintained while living in hiding in an attic from the Nazis with her parents and five others.

Yesterday, I saw a young lady act out these and other entries in a short solo performance set in that attic.  It was riveting.  It evoked tears in me and a colleague who witnessed this with me.  How could we do this to anyone, to this young girl full of hope and promise?  Guided by faith and belief in the good heart of others?

My colleague and I thought of my petite Jewish wife Sylvia of equal faith, and optimism, love and hope.  Often, I think of her and ask myself how could anyone wish to kill a person because of their faith?  How could anyone be so lost, so psychotic, so hateful?  What could this have happened to their good heart? Then, I think of Christ.

Imagine a Jewish girl just like Anne Frank connects me with Christ.  How God salvages us from waves of hatred and destruction.  The heart of Anne Frank is the heart of Christ, like us: a child of Yahweh.

In the performance the actress spoke of her love of writing, how it gave her life and how it allowed her to reach within herself so she might reach others outside herself.  Sylvia had that same quality of heart and voice, she, too, touched others with her honesty, and her love, and her warmth and regard for the heart and its truth – her heart as a bridge to the heart of others.  Anne and Sylvia: good at heart, seeing the good heart of others.  Both teachers.  Both teaching still.

I write for exactly the reasons Anne Frank did.  I, too, know that we are made for good that resides in the heart.  I, too, write to reach out to others and remind them of the ideals of that good heart.  My daily writing keeps those ideals of the heart fresh and alive.  The daily writing is an exercise of the heart, a renewal of faith, time with Yahweh and with Christ … and Sylvia and Anne.

Stay in your heart each day.  Begin each day in contact with that good heart and its ideals.

… come each day to Yahweh, to Christ … you’ll find Anne and Sylvia there as well.