A sower went out to sow his seed …

Lk 8:4

+ + +

Thus begins The Parable of the Sower (Lk 8:4-15).  

The seed is, as Jesus says, the word of God and it falls on varied soil.  What soil are you?

Seed that falls on the hardened dirt of a common path sits atop the soil and the Evil One comes and takes it away from the heart so that the listener might not believe.

It also falls on rocky ground where it can develop no root and hence it yields belief that is shallow and falls away when it is tested.

Likewise it falls on soil that is among the thorns and that seed is choked by cares, riches and pleasures of life and it never matures to produce fruit.

Ah, but some seed falls on good soil also and that soil receives the seed (the word of God) and it holds fast in an honest and good heart to bear fruit and patient endurance.

What soil are you?  What soil does our culture seek?