Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.

Prov 16:18

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There is a significant divide in the land.  It is visible everyday but unnamed.  We are governed by decisions makers and a news media that cannot identify reality. There is a fairly simple cause for this – yet, few seem to see it.

Perhaps, a little Flannery O’Connor might help.

She wrote a story entitled “The Lame Shall Enter First.”  In this story a “mental health professional” named Sheppard plies his “trade” with clichés and learned phrases from his “training” – all antiseptic and distant from both the sufferer and reality

You see, Sheppard occupies not life but “learned experience.”  He applies what has been emptied into his head by others, a sort of ideology made certain to ignore the every day immanent experiences of life.  I think therefore I need not live.  Or, I think therefore I am not.

Bingo.  These are our decision-makers who cannot identify when others seek to kill us, or see and treat the patients at VA Hospitals, or distinguish truth from falsehoods. They see only what their learned script would have them see.  Thank you, “higher education.” They are indoctrinated, not educated.

They ate the “soup”… and we are ill-served.

O’Connor knew that a secularized person was a blind person and when that blind person was in a position of authority we would be at risk. Sheppard shows this in that story.

We are governed by simple-minded ideology.  Governed by the self-intoxicated and the blind.

By abandoning the wisdom of the ages and the essence of human life in favor of ideology  – we have shown how small we are and how dangerous pride is.

Humans are easily captured by pride.  We care little for the wisdom of the ages, hence we shun faith and its narrative at considerable risk to us. Whither wisdom?  Forget leadership.

Prayer is in order … and rejection of those who propound what is foolish and patently wrong-headed.