Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness.

Anne Frank

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The English writer Evelyn Underhill makes the point in her book Mysticism that it is “adverse external circumstances” which call individuals to distance themselves from the everyday world and its routine and demands in order to seek “reality.”  Anne Frank is saying the same thing, in a way.

In times of aggregate darkness we are drawn to Light, to what is true, transcendent and eternal.  In these times we are stirred from within to seek what is good, what rises us above the darkness.

In dark we seek God.  Such seeking manifest itself in “a call” – for some this means an altered career path, for others a renewal of faith and participation in the life of the Spirit – the ground of reality for all mortal humans.

We are, it seems, in darkness now.  Our problems are fundamental and many. Those people and institutions that flourished in the 20th century West and upon whom we have come to rely, are failing us at present.  We have in many cases simply succumbed to the drive for personal power and promises made that cannot be fulfilled in order to sustain that illusion of personal power.

If there is good to come from this – and there is – it is this: we will seek the Light; we will be light to one another.  We will get down to business, reject those who have failed us and the ways they pursued that have led us astray – but most importantly we will act from a renewed relationship with God, the God of Light and Love.

Be a single candle.  Defy darkness.  Define darkness for the destructive thing that it is, and leave its ways and those who perpetuate it.

We have our work to do.  That work will begin within and lead to Light through humble prayer and reconciliation.  God always is nearest when we seen to have strayed the farthest.  Follow no one or anything that is not God-centered.