It is, unfortunately, only too clear that if the individual is not truly regenerated in spirit, society cannot be either, for society is the sum total of individuals in need of redemption.

Carl Jung, M.D., in The Undiscovered Self

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Jung wrote this in 1957 in a small book that is well worth a read.  In the book Jung, looking at Europe and the emergence of the mass state and the collectivist thinking of the totalitarian states, was concerned the human being would be gobbled up in these circumstances should the mass state form in the West, the United States included.  He was, mind you, writing before the development of mass communication, mass media, as we know it.  What he was worried about now visits us.

Jung knew as a psychiatrist that the salvation of the world depended on the salvation not of aggregates but of each individual – salvation one person at a time, one after another.

Yes, we are that important to God, and to each other.

Our lived life in faith matters, and matters greatly.  Without a healthy and faithful self there is no collective salvation.

Does this not alarm you when you think about how individual rights are swamped by the mass and how homogenized our centralized programs, like health care, make us?  The material world, you see, is never more important than the spiritual world; our psychic peace – the health of our soul sets the prerequisite condition for peace itself.

If only we had a sliver of leadership with a thimble of spiritual insight!  But alas, we must, individually, lead.  First a sheep, then a shepherd.

As Jung says in this book: our “relation with God (is the only) effective shield against the(se) pernicious influences” of mass culture and the centralized power of the state which sees religion and lived faith as threats to its interests.

Indeed he asks: ” … are not Jesus and Paul prototypes of those who, trusting their inner experience, have gone their own individual ways, disregarding public opinion?” (Emphasis added.)

Do not be surprised if you find in yourself the stirring of your deepening and irresistible desire to live in faith; for God is present to His lost sheep, and in mass culture there are many lost sheep.

Heed the gift of this call.  Health, contentment, meaning and purpose will follow and anxiety, uncertainty and confusion will disappear.