“So by their fruits you will know them.”

Mt 7:20

+ + +

I was in the grocery store last week and approached the small dining area to eat a sandwich I had purchased when I notice a man about my age who was disengaging uneasily from the grocery cart he was using.  He began to walk haltingly and I said to him in a soft voice: “Do you need a hand?”

He turned slightly toward me and said, “No, I think I am okay – I had a stoke and am recovering.  But thanks.”  I responded,”You seem to be doing well, God bless.”  He said, “Thank you.”  Then I moved to my table and he walked slowly off to the Men’s Room.

A few minutes passed and he reappeared not to far from me.  I looked up and he said: “I was thinking of my favorite scripture – you will know them by their fruits” and he smiled at me.  I said, “We are brothers and it is good to help one another.”  He smiled and this time he said, “God bless you.”  And I smiled and said, “and you the same.”

Two people about the same age.  Strangers to one another, but brothers all the same.  Different skins tones, their names and histories unknown to one another, their faith traditions also unidentified – but brothers none the less.

Charity crosses the artificial divides that humans cling to and God does not see.  

Yes, Friends, by our fruits we are known.