… He Himself bore our sins in His body on the cross, so that we might die to sin and live to righteousness; for by his wounds you were healed.

1 Pt 2: 24

+ + +

It is difficult to understand all the unhappiness and all the poor behavior that abounds.  Or is it?

If one accepts the reality laid out in this simple passage from 1 Peter, the unhappiness and poor behavior should hold no sway over us.

We have been given the greatest of gifts – we are discharged from sin and such a gift should, by all reason, bring us happiness … and gratitude, contentment, humility and the impetus to do what is right and remain cheerful – no matter our state of “desire” or perceived “need.”

We have all we need and in that there is nothing we might desire.

Yet, I hear complaining all about and I see the grossest of errant behavior, some of which is worked into our “entertainment” and into our governance. Pathetic.  Unflattering.  Godlessness.

I see people longing for others, and some for things – but not for God.

Complaints far out-number voices of thanksgiving.  Dishonesty and hatred are far too common.  We seem not to see ourselves as we are – and our conduct reflects little understanding of the gift of Christ we have been given.

Makes you think about being a hermit …  


Prayer Request – Please keep in prayer my childhood friend George Shannon (his wife Judy, his children Michael and Heather and his brother Jerry and sister Kathy).  George suffered a stroke yesterday and is now at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.  George and I grew up two doors from one another and became fast and best friends when were two-three years old, as did our mothers (Anne, his wonderful Mom, and Jackie, my one-of-kind mother).  As with George and me, Mrs. Shannon and my mother were close confidants and people who understood one another, received one another without reservation, and supported each other.  Just like George and me, their lives as honest friends were full of laughter and joy, and candor and compassion. George’s birthday is November 20th.  He is 26 days my elder.