How might you know what will become of your life, and what work you will do? You probably will not know that.  Living is first an approximation – notions that, in living, get refined and reveal who we are as we proceed.

You will have at the onset an approximation, a general direction – something that will be distilled, shaped into an identity, a place in the world. We live by faith, you see – and walk by light, at first a glimmer and then a flame.

How does the journey look?  What is it like?

We mature over time.  And this takes sorting through what comes our way, learning from the missteps and mistakes, coming to grips with the early events of life – and learning from relationships and past wounds and gaining emotional and social wisdom.  In the process, somewhere along the way, creativity grows and our place and name is more familiar to us and we grow in the spirit and become savvy at living in the world as it is and can be.

You arrive when calm is the dominant disposition and you realize you can help others quite readily and often find yourself doing so.

Live with patience.  Grow each day.