Knowing God is more important than knowing about God.

Karl Rahner, S.J., Theologian

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How does one come to know God?

This is a concise question that opens up our life, changes us and promises our expansion and fulfillment.

If God is in all things, then God can be known in all things.

The traditional ways of coming to know God are through worship, by reading and contemplating Scripture.  Yet, there is so much more that it natural to our existence that reveals God to us.  We know God in our friendships, in caring for those who need help or understanding.  Likewise we know God in family and through the work of our hands and heart.  And in nature also.  As in silence.

Then there are the things special to you.  The things you enjoy doing are often a place to know God who places in your life skills and a disposition to know the joy of living that is unique to you.

For me, I find God in children, in friends, in my care of dogs, in painting and in reading and writing, in my suffering and the suffering of others, and in the warm reception of others and they of me.  I find God in the suffering of our Jewish brothers and sisters during the Nazi Holocaust for I cannot see a reminder of this monumental tragedy but that I think how God was betrayed by those who tortured and killed His children.  I see God in our Jewish kin and their steadfast devotion to God and learn from them what the love of God is.

Yes, God in everything.  And with God in everything, then always God.  Nothing above God.  Nothing more than God.  God.  Just God. God and you.  God and us.  God.  Knowing God.

May you draw closer to God each day, with each step.  May your consciousness be of God; may you be with God and God with you breath by breath.